July 26th to 28th of 2017, Mwasi collective is hosting the second edition of the NYANSAPO festival, an event rooted in blackfeminism, activism, and on an European scale. Each year, the festival will be hosted by a different blackfeminist organization in Europe.

We want to build sustainable strategies and solidarities, so its important to
meet, share, exchange, push our struggles forward. The festival’s second
edition is happening July 26 to 28 in Paris. This year the rallying cry is « Your
Foot, My Foot », on themes of local and international sisterhood and solidarity.
Why NYANSAPO? Sounds a bit mysterious to you? We honour the wisdom of
our communities through this festival’s name. NYANSAPO is an Adinkra
(visual symbols created by the Ashanti of Ghana and the Gyaman of Ivory
Coast) which means knot of wisdom, ingenuity, intelligence. The ability to
choose the best way to achieve one’s goal, putting knowledge and experience
to practical purpose.
With a name like that we’re already on the good foot, so sist@s we’re waiting
for you – and spread the word!